Servicios de Post-Producción para Cine y Publicidad con base en Barcelona.

Mi trabajo está enfocado en la post-producción, vfx y look development for motion.
Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con marcas como L´oreal, Mapfre, Pantene, YPF, Burger King, entre otras.

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I'm a VFX Compositor / Motion Designer work remotely or on-site with different studios.
My work is focused mainly on post, vfx and look development for motion. 
I have had the pleasure to work with companies such as: L´oreal, Mapfre, YPF, Burger King, Pantene, CastaDiva, Young&Rubicam, etc...

I am passionate for dynamics, geometry, particles, the form of shadows and light, how things react and how wonderful simple things can be.

Feel free to contact me at:

Releases Coming Soon

Releases Coming Soon